Advancing Quality in the
Dietary Supplement Market

Millions of Americans use dietary supplements to complement a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.1

The Collaborative is a diverse group of national stakeholder organizations across the public health spectrum representing consumers, practitioners, manufacturing industry, research, standard-setting, and academic organizations committed to advancing the quality and safety of dietary supplements in the United States, ultimately helping protect the public’s health.

DSQC Helps Modernize and Strengthen Policies

The Collaborative supports policies and resources to advance innovation that helps ensure safe, quality supplements; remove illegal and tainted products from the marketplace; and promote consumer education.


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Embrace Quality

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The Facts on Supplements

Dietary supplements are intended to complement a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, not to replace it, and include vitamins and minerals, herbs and botanicals, and specialty supplements.


More than 3 out of 4

Americans take

dietary supplements.¹

In the past 25 years, the
dietary supplement industry
grew from

In the past 25 years, the
dietary supplement industry
grew from

$4 billion with

4,000 products to

$40 billion with

50,000+ products²


From 2007-2019,
965 of the products
tested by the FDA were identified to include potentially hazardous substances or hidden ingredients.³

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