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In addition to our work as a Collaborative, our members have their own safety and quality initiatives. Explore our members’ articles, research, programs, and other information.

The following resources are contributed by individual member organizations and do not necessarily represent the views of the DSQC Collaborative as a whole.

Supplements & Vitamins


Eat Right Pro: Dietary Supplements

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Healthy Aging with Nutrition

Alliance for Aging Research

Using Vitamins, Herbals, and Other Dietary Supplements Wisely

American Pharmacists Association

Regulation of Dietary Supplements

Consumer Healthcare Products Association 

Dietary Supplements: Make Sure You Get the Benefits

Consumer Healthcare Products Association 

Label Wise: A Guide to Understanding Supplement Facts

Council for Responsible Nutrition

SARMs Are Not Dietary Supplements 

Council for Responsible Nutrition 

Smart Shopping Tips: Consumer Tips for Buying Safe Supplements 

Obesity Action Coalition